Our Amazing Team

Foluke Michael
Project Director and Innovator
Foluke Michael  is a Project Management Expert and IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner, she support Entrepreneurs and Social Innovator in Africa with knowledge and skills needed to build sustainable businesses and create social impact projects.
She graduated with MSc with Merit in Project Management at the University of Salford Manchester, United Kingdom. She obtained Certificate in Design-Led Strategy: Design Thinking For Business Strategy And Entrepreneurship from The University of Sydney, Australia.

She is the Principal Partner of Caterina de’ Medici Africa Enterprise, an organisation dedicated to promoting agriculture in the rural areas.

Foluke is the CEO and Project Director of Creative Youth Community Development Initiative.
Ayodeji Oluwadare
Creative Director
Ayodeji Oluwadare is a software engineer, creative designer and entrepreneur. With over 15 years of experience, his strength revolves around brand identity design and web development. Oluwadare has a strong visual focus with a creative flair and an ability to think laterally and come up with creative solutions.

He supports brands to grow by creating distinctive logos, websites and brand identities backed by strategy. Developing the most creative yet logical path to a design solution is something that Oluwadare feels is important for our projects. He has a passion for innovation and a belief in the power of creativity to achieve extraordinary results.

Oluwadare is a Software Engineer and Information Technology professional. He also obtained Certificate in Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Change Management and Innovation Mangement from International Business Management Institute Berlin, Germany.
Ade Sonia Peter
Project Coordinator - Covenant University
Ada Sonia Peter serves as Director, International Office, and Linkages at Covenant University in Nigeria. She oversees operations of the Directorate, supervises direct services to Covenant University students and scholars engaging in several study abroad programs and research collaborations. Her office facilitates robust international programs, partnerships, summer exchanges, fellowships, and research collaborations that enhance the educational experience of both faculty and staff. Peter updates policies and strategies for achieving core attributes used to measure the international outlook of Covenant University.

Ada Peter is also Professor, Media, and International Security. She produces comprehensive, policy-focused, nontechnical cybersecurity documents that emphasize and teach senior principal state officials how to best make informed decisions on cyber policy, strategy, and planning.
Lady Adaina Ajayi
Research and Outreach

Lady Adaina Ajayi

Lady Adaina Ajayi is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Development Studies at Covenant University, Nigeria and Chair, Standing Committee on Projects of the African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF). In 2018, she became an African-German Network of Excellence in Science (AGNES) Junior Research Fellow. As a scholar-practitioner with over 10years + in teaching, research, advocacy and community development; she continues to address and trace the intersections on issues bordering around, Gender-based Violence; Feminist Theory and Policy; Women's Rights;Human Rights Instruments;Masculinities and Cultural Diversity. The emphasis for her is on the fact that critical gaps remain in literature and in practice regarding the intersection of gender studies and feminist theory, women's rights advocacy and the impact of increasingly powerful regimes.

Solution17 Campus Ambassador

Fisayo Adeyemi
Solution17 Campus Ambassador
Fisayo Adeyemi is a student of Covenant University and a promoter for Environmental Sustainability. In the last 5 years, he was determined to understand the engine behind Nigeria's economy (Oil & Gas). This led him to study Petroleum Engineering and eventually desired to change the Nigerian narrative by broadening Nigeria's energy options to include the renewable energy spectrum - solar and wind, among others.

He participated as a Panelist at the Global People Summit at the Covenant University Hub during the 2018 United Nations General Assembly. The session titled: “Solve Global Issues, Take Local Responsibilities - Covenant University’s Core Values as a Tool to Achieve United Nations SDGs in 2030” was streamed live to the world.