David Crownwell
David Crownwell
Track 21 – SDG 4
Project: Project Terra
Status: 500 Level Petroleum Engineering

David Crownwell

David Cromwell is a student of Petroleum Engineering at Covenant University currently in his final year of study.

He is an energy and sustainability enthusiast. Concepts like circular economy, design thinking, and creating social value are some of his keen interests. His talent as a problem solver and critical, creative thinker has drawn him to always looking for better ways of doing things in the world’s systems. This in turn has driven him to do his very best to use his gifts and talents to leave the world a much better place than he met. A personal motto of his is to “Reveal God’s genuine love to the world.”

As a creative with a drive for learning and the superpower of curiosity, his natural habitat is learning and creating new things. Along with this, is a natural desire for self-development and a love for Art and Writing.

He is the founder of Cromwell Ties an arm of a clothing fashion brand with the aim to give Nigeria a voice in the fashion space. It aims to change the narrative of business, to one more human, driven for creating value and an exciting experience.

He is the Project Lead for Project Terra - Saving the earth one meal at a time, which is a revolutionary project aimed at curbing emissions from food systems. This project will make the fight against climate change relatable by enabling users to become aware of the footprint of their meals as well as waste generated.