Fisayo Adeyemi
Fisayo Adeyemi

Track 46 – SDG 2

Project: Solar Genesis

Status: 500 Level Petroleum Engineering

Oluwafisayo Adeyemi

Fisayo Adeyemi is a student of Covenant University and a promoter for Environmental Sustainability. In the last 5 years, he was determined to understand the engine behind Nigeria's economy (Oil & Gas). This led him to study Petroleum Engineering and eventually desired to change the Nigerian narrative by broadening Nigeria's energy options to include the renewable energy spectrum - solar and wind, among others. 

He participated as a Panelist at the Global People Summit at the Covenant University Hub during the 2018 United Nations General Assembly. The session titled: “Solve Global Issues, Take Local Responsibilities - Covenant University’s Core Values as a Tool to Achieve United Nations SDGs in 2030” was streamed live to the world. 

He was privileged to travel to over Seven (7) countries and observed how stable electricity powered businesses and homes, creating an enabling environment for economic growth and a better quality of life for its citizens. Fisayo was privileged to also live in a house that was not connected to the national grid for over a year and can relate with the pains and frustration of living without access to electricity. 

With his education and the support of many people, friends, family, and organizations, He believes he can change his world, rebuild Nigeria, and contribute to global change.

Fisayo is Project Lead for Solar Genesis, an initiative created to provide sustainable solution for national problem via one house and one business at a time.