Haoma Worgwu
Haoma Worgwu 
Track 28 – SDG 7
Project: Carbon Credit Value Chain 
Status: 300 Level Economics

Haoma Worgwu

Haoma Worgwu is an economics student of Covenant university, passionate about finance, entrepreneurship and global change. She is also a climate change activist that desires to see finance and economics incorporated in her solution for the climate dilemma the world is currently facing. This led to her solution 17 project, The carbon-credit value chain. A digital market where Carbon credits can be bought and sold, to finance climate-friendly enterprises and mitigate carbon emissions from industries. Her project also incorporates the production of carbon-footprint calculators used to measure and keep in track, individual and industrial carbon offsets.

Haoma is currently the team lead of this project. As a change maker, Haoma is privileged to be a part of various non profits such as Global change makers, Enactus Covenant University, Social Change group, Envisage foundation (founder) and Women impacting Nigeria Foundation. With regards to climate change she holds a certificate in Climate Change, issued by the Global citizenship education online campus(UNESCO APCEIU) and was part of the just concluded Virtual youth summit 2020 by Global Change Makers.

Haoma is one passionate young lady that desires to see a rejuvenated Africa and will devote her resources of time, network and knowledge to see this dream actualized.